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We highly recommend any individuals/organizations who are interested in being our Face-Slimming Training Centre.
Face Slimming

Scientific Face-Slimming Technology

Comfort and Relax are the only words throughout the process.

Long lasting time of the effect compared to other face-slimming technique.

Unique technique to slim the shape of face in mulitipronged approaches.

Our technique is scientific reliable, which is no harm, no pain and no side-effect.

We alwasys review and improve our technique in order to make our Face-Slimming technology more perfect.

Legend in Face-Slimming

the authorized organization to assure the quality & issue the Certificate of Face-Slimming Courses

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JIFS’s Face-Slimming Realignment technology undergoes a comprehesive scientific tests that is proved effectiveto alter the shape of face compared with other techniques.
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We have tracked 1,000+ women who received face-slimming treatment in Tokyo. Most of them rank 1st to the beauty salons that trained under JIFS technology.
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On-site inspection has been conducted periodically, we discover JIFS plays competitive edge in the industry. High academic quality is the only word in conclusion.

Our scientific technology has to optimize the effectiveness of Face-Slimming.


The Process of Recognized Centre

JIFS Face Slimming - Internal Quality Assurance

Internal Quality Assurance

JIFS Face Slimming - Verification of Application

Verification of Application

JIFS Face Slimming - On-site Survey & Feedback

On-site Survey & Feedback

JIFS Face Slimming - Review & Improvement

Review & Improvement