International Face-Slimming Realignment Certificate

4 Distinctive Techniques to be the Legend in the industry

With a view to maximize your beauty in Face-Slimming, JIFS applies distinctive alignment method to “fix the cause” of the distortion of the face area and “improvement of the symptoms” cause by the original distortion.

International Certificate

Face-Slimming Realignment Therapist

The certificate is issued after the completion of our Face-Slimming Realignment course.

The following regards are the common output of our program
After completion of our Face-Slimming Realignment certificate course, the students are taught skills providing great satisfaction to the customers to bring out your natural beauty.
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JIFS’s Face-Slimming Realignment technology undergoes a comprehesive scientific tests that is proved effectiveto alter the shape of face compared with other techniques.


We have tracked 1,000+ women who received face-slimming treatment in Tokyo. Most of them rank 1st to the beauty salons that trained under JIFS technology.


On-site inspection has been conducted periodically, we discover JIFS plays competitive edge in the industry. High academic quality is the only word in conclusion.

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International Face-Slimming Realignment Certificate

Upon graduation of this course, you are trained as basic Face-Slimming personnel to deliver Effective, Natural & Scientific treatment to the customers.

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